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Secondary Notice

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Preliminary Notice

A preliminary notice will not hurt your Lien rights, it will only strengthen them.

Satisfaction of a Lien

A document used to release a lien from a property after payment.

Secondary Notice

A secondary notice is a great collection tool that improves communication.

Bond Claim

Similar to a Lien, a bond claim is a useful tool when not paid on a public project.

Construction Lien

An instrument used by contractors and suppliers to get paid for their work.

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A Secondary Notice (Notice of intent to file lien) is a document that is sent to a property owner and hiring party when payment is past due. This notice spells out the fact that payment has not been received, and lays out the intent to file a lien if not paid within a certain period of time. Sending a secondary notice can reduce the need to file a lien.

In certain states, such as Wisconsin, a notice of intent is required before a lien can be placed on a property. We have found, from our clients’ projects in Wisconsin, that this notice often gets them promptly paid, ultimately removing the need for filing a lien and clouding title. We believe that the secondary notice is a great collection tool that improves communication to deliver prompt payment.

We only allow this service in states that require it.

Service Includes:

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Our Process

After You Submit A Service Order, Perfekt Will Take It From There
We'll Track The Project

Perfekt tracks the project through  the entire construction lien process.


Perfekt researches the property’s legal description and owners.

We'll Make It Perfect

Perfekt compiles and perfects the notice and lien forms.

Collect Signatures

Perfekt collects signatures and notarizes the construction lien (if needed).

Serve The Documents

Perfekt serves the proper documents to the homeowner.

File With The County

Perfekt files the construction lien with the county (if needed).

Distribute Copies

Perfekt distributes copies of the notice and lien forms to all parties involved.


Perfekt archives the construction lien and postal proof.

Monitor Deadlines

Perfekt monitors the project’s statutory deadlines.

Alert You

Perfekt alerts you when it’s time to escalate services to maintain lien rights.

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Your Questions Answered

A notice of intent to lien (or secondary notice) is often the second step in managing lien rights for many states. In states where it is required, a notice of intent is sent out within a certain amount of days from the last date of work (final day on the job), and is the step before a lien. It often states the amount of days that will be given before a lien will be filed if the contractor is not paid. It is similar to a demand letter. It is not as binding as a lien.

The notice of intent is sent out via certified return receipt to the property owner. Copies are sent regular mail to our client and the party that hired them.

A notice of intent is only required in some states. See our FAQ or resources for states to see if they are required.

Notice of intent is also known as notice of intent to lien, secondary notice, secondary notice to lien, NOI and intent to lien

A notice of intent is a great tool in managing payment. It reads much like a demand letter. A notice of intent is sent out after the work has been completed, but is the step before the lien in many states. More often then not, our clients are paid by the notice of intent and don’t need to escalate to a lien.

In states that require it, the notice of intent can be sent after the last date of work on the project, and a contractor has a certain amount of days after the last date of work (depending on state individual statutory timelines) to send a notice of intent to maintain lien rights. It is good to note that a certain amount of days is required after the notice of intent is sent before a lien can be filed, so it is smart to be mindful of how much time is needed to ensure a notice of intent can be sent properly and still have time to file a lien in case payment has not been received – ie. in Wisconsin a notice of intent states there are 30 days from the notice being sent before a lien can be filed, so a contractor maintaining their lien rights would want to be sure the notice of intent is sent with enough time to file a lien 30 days after.

A notice of intent is sent to the property owner, as well as our client and their hiring party.

First date of work on the job, last date of work, property address, dollar amount for job (dollar amount should be accurate as it should be for work completed), labor and or materials supplied to job, and the party that hired you for the project.

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