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COVOID-19 UPDATE: We hope everyone is safe during this time of crisis.

We are still open and offering all services. As some counties have closed, our service may be limited in those areas, although we still have access to many counties virtually through online systems. If your project/service requested happens to be in an area where the county is closed and we can’t process your service order, we will reach out to you and find a solution.


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Preliminary Notice

The first step to protect yourself
$ 42
  • Opens lines of communication between all parties involved
  • Informs all parties of their lien rights
  • The first step to maintaining lien rights

Secondary Notice

Notice Of Intent
$ 100
  • A document that is sent when payment is past due
  • Spells out the fact that payment hasn't been received
  • Can reduce the need to file a lien

Construction Lien

Helps You Get Paid
$ 329
  • A legal document utilized to help contractors and suppliers get paid
  • Served and filed with proper entity
  • The creditor has the right to file a lien within a specified period of time

Bond Claim

Another Useful Tool
$ 329
  • Similar to a lien, a useful tool when not paid on a state, county, or municipal project
  • Used to recover a payment
  • Supplier or contractor can file a claim with surety bond company

Satisfaction of a Lien

The Final Step
$ 120
  • Utilize a satisfaction once you’ve been paid or a deal has been made
  • Filed with proper entity to release the construction lien
  • The satisfaction ultimately clears that property's title

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