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COVID-19 UPDATE: We hope everyone is safe during this time of crisis.

We are still open and offering all services. As some counties have closed, our service may be limited in those areas, although we still have access to many counties virtually through online systems. If your project/service requested happens to be in an area where the county is closed and we can’t process your service order, we will reach out to you and find a solution.

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Perfekt’s proactive best management practice and common sense approach to lien management makes it simple for trade contractors and material suppliers to take ownership of their lien rights, so they can stop worrying about getting paid and start building their future.

What Are Construction
Lien Rights?

The construction Lien Law dates back to the time of Thomas Jefferson, and its purpose is the same today as it has been for hundreds of years: to strengthen the construction industry by protecting trade contractors and material suppliers from financial risk.

Our Services & Solutions

What We Offer

Preliminary Notice

A preliminary notice will not hurt your Lien rights, it will only strengthen them.

Secondary Notice

A secondary notice is a great collection tool that improves communication.


An instrument used by contractors and suppliers to get paid for their work.

Satisfaction of a Lien

A document used to release a lien from a property after payment.

Bond Claim

Similar to a Lien, a bond claim is a useful tool when not paid on a public project.


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Our easy-to-follow- best management practice helps construction professionals improve cash flow.

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Perfekt’s online tool will assist you in managing the entire lien management process.

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